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Donald Trump Jr. Posts Video of BTS Fans’ Trash to Shame Bill de Blasio

Donald Trump Jr. Accidentally Antagonizes BTS Fans While Attacking Bill de Blasio

Donald Trump Jr. may have inadvertently kicked the hornets’ nest that is the BTS fandom while taking a shot at New York City mayor Bill de Blasio following the mayor’s announcement to run for president.

The first failson took aim at de Blasio on Wednesday when he posted video of looks like abandoned blankets and debris on the sidewalk just outside of Central Park.

“Rather than do a PR stunt ‘run’ for President (we all know it’s going nowhere) maybe @NYCMayor should clean up his backyard first,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “This video from this morning should tell you all you need to know about his ‘leadership.’ What a clown show!!!”

After the tweet went live, the BTS hive wasted no time parachuting into Trump Jr.’s mentions and informing him that the sleeping bags and blankets on the street were from fans camping out days in advance for the K-pop group’s Wednesday morning performance for ABC’s Good Morning America Summer Concert Series in Central Park. Some fan accounts even provided what were purportedly before and after photos of the sidewalk to prove that the fans came back and cleaned up the items they weren’t allowed to bring with them to the concert venue.

“Dude, this is stuff people left after camping out to see BTS on GMA. If you pause the video at 4 seconds you see a sign that was put up by GMA for the event,” one fan with the handle @stankalicious tweeted.  They added: “You’re the clown show for even tweeting this.”


WABC-TV reporter Derick Waller confirmed the BTS hive’s claims when he called bullshit on Trump Jr.’s video.

“Out of context video — this is from the line of people waiting to see #BTS…it was cleaned up the same day,” Waller tweeted. “5th Ave never looks like this. And any lifelong resident of New York City would know that.”

Although de Blasio is a reasonable enough target given how ill-fated his attempt to challenge President Trump in 2020 seems, Trump Jr. never seems to avoid owning himself while trying to smear his father’s critics and political rivals. Taking a shot at a relatively unpopular mayor in an absurdly crowded field who has, at best, almost no chance of winning the 2020 Democratic primaries should have been effective, but only Trump Jr. could manage to piss off the world’s most devoted musical fandom in what should have been an easy roast.