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Nico Segal, Nate Fox Release Debut Song “intlxl” as New Group Intellexual

Intellexual, the new group formed by Nico Segal and Nate Fox from Chance the Rapper’s band the Social Experiment, have released their debut song, “intlxl.” The eponymous-ish track features hand drums, wandering electric guitar from Taylor Morrow-Simmons, and a warm, layered hook from singer Dan The Man that anchors the arrangement, which recalls the mellow crescendo of SoX’s Surf song “Windows.”

Intellexual have also shared their debut album’s track list. Rappers Vic Mensa (who fronted Segal’s first band Kids These Days), Jean Deaux, and Raury all receive credited features, as do Knox Fortune, Benny Sings, and more. A trailer for the project released last week also teased contributions from Esperanza Spalding, SoX-mate Peter Cottontale, Ohmme’s Macie Stewart (another Kids These Days member), Francis Starlite, Chuck Inglish, and DJ Spinn, among many others.

The project is set for release on April 12. Listen to “Intellexual” and view the track list below.

Intellexual Track List

1 Popstar [ft. Liam Kazar and Benny Sings]
02 Sing It Louder [ft. Jean Deaux]
03 Money
04 Call You
05 Overthinking
06 Boca
07 Roxstar [ft. Knox Fortune and Nor Elle]
08 Shotty [ft. Vic Mensa and Sophia Black]
09 Friction
10 Like I Feel
11 Coincidence [ft. Raury]
12 Over the Hill