Lucy Dacus – “My Mother & I”

In anticipation of Mother’s Day (don’t forget: May 12) Lucy Dacus has released a new single titled “My Mother & I.” Per a press release from Matador, “My Mother & I” is just the latest track in Dacus’ 2019 holiday song series; Dacus already released a cover of “La Vie En Rose” for Valentine’s Day back in February, and is planning on dropping singles for Independence Day, Bruce Springsteen’s birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s. 2019 will eventually be compiled into a single project.

Dacus shared a statement along with the new song:

Being adopted has encouraged me to consider what mothers pass on through blood and body, and what they impart in the way of socialization and context. We — daughters, and all children — easily inherit the shame and fear of our mothers, but also the pride, self-assurance, and lessons of love. This song focuses on body image and the distinction between the body and the soul, which I can hardly claim to have clarity about to this day. I also reflect on traits my mother and I share as Taurean women- how we are steadfast but headstrong, empathetic but grounded, and dedicated to finding and giving reliable love and comfort.

Dacus is currently on tour in support of her last record, 2018’s Historian; we named her song “Night Shift” one of the 101 best songs of that year. Grab a ticket to see Dacus live, and stream “My Mother & I” below.


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