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If Your Password is “blink182” the British Government Wants You to Change It

"Blink182" Among the Most Hackable Passwords

According to a statistical study of passwords that have been publicized in various data breaches, “blink182” is among the most commonly used passwords, and thus most easily guessed by hackers. If you’re using it to access any of your accounts, you should probably change that, maybe to something a little more complicated, like “ALLTHEsmallTHINGS,” or “Whatsmyageagain23.”

The study, conducted by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and reported by CNN, found that the most popular password is “123456,” followed by “123456789,” “qwerty,” “password,” “111111,” and “12345678.” “blink182” doesn’t make the top 10, but it is the most common music-based password, perhaps because of the common requirement to use a code that contains both letters and numbers.

Other artist names on the list include “slipknot,” “metallica,” “nirvana,” “50cent” and “eminem.” Popular non-music passwords include “myspace,” “starters,” “matrix” “myspace420,” “666666,” and “fuckyou.” References to sports teams are also common, as are common first names like “Debora” or “Daniel.”

Shockingly, there’s no “eve6,” “sr71,” “stroke9,” or even “sum41,” so fans of those alphanumeric ’90s-’00s bands can rest easy. A full list of the most hackable log-ins can be found here.