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Gloria Allred Holds Press Conference Announcing Alleged New R. Kelly Underage Sex Tape

UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - MARCH 6: (EDITORS NOTE: Best quality available) In this handout provided by Cook County Sheriff’s Office, R. Kelly poses for a mugshot photo after being arrested for $161,663 in unpaid child support March 6, 2019. The Cook County Sheriff's Office revealed that Kelly will have to pay the full amount before he can be released from jail. (Photo by Cook County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images)

Lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference on Sunday featuring a man named Gary Dennis, who claims to have found a new sex tape featuring R. Kelly among his possessions. The tape has been turned over to authorities in New York City’s Southern District.

Dennis says he located the VHS in a box full of “very old” sports tapes he was sorting through, and that “R. Kelly” was written on it. He also told Allred he had no idea how it had come into his possession, explaining that he would often trade tapes with friends. According to Allred, the tape, which marks the third sex tape featuring the embattled R&B singer to go public, features R. Kelly engaging in sex acts with “more than one” young woman. Dennis described the women in the video as underage black girls, and said they were allegedly obeying instructions given by Kelly in the clip. Allred specified in the conference that Dennis “has never met” and has “no connection” to R. Kelly.

Subsequently, R. Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg responded to the press conference with a statement: “R. Kelly denies that he is on any tape with underaged girls. The doubt here is self-evident, with reporting that the man on the tape kinda, sorta looks like R Kelly. That doesn’t make it him. It is not him.” Questioning why Dennis would be in possession of a pornographic child sex tape in the first place, he continued: “It is obviously now just open season on R. Kelly. It is irresponsible to continue to take the speculation of every Tom, Dick and Harry, and report it as if it is fact.”

On Twitter, attorney Michael Avenatti, who has also been investigating alleged additional Kelly sex tapes and allegedly turned one over to Chicago law enforcement last month, criticized Allred’s choice to go public with the potential evidence without sufficient investigation.

Following an emotional interview with Gayle King aired on CBS at the end of last week, Kelly was released from prison on bail, after someone anonymously paid the $161,000 he owed in child support. Watch clips of Allred’s press conference below.