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Republican Congressman Says in House Floor Debate That Nickelback Are “One of the Greatest Bands of the ’90s”

Nickelback Debate Breaks Out on House Floor

The partisan divide between Democrats and the GOP grew even wider Thursday as two Congressmen had it out over an unforgivable policy position: the Republican’s love of Nickelback. While debating the merits of the Democrats’ H.R. 1 bill—designed to overhaul voting, campaign finance, and ethics laws—Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) mentioned how only four people out of 77,000 wanted to keep a particular voting rights provision. To drive that point home, he said that this is “probably about the percent of people who think Nickelback is their favorite band in this country.”

Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill) wasn’t in the mood for any Nickelback slander and interrupted his colleague from across the aisle to ask why he would “criticize one of the greatest bands of the ’90s?”

Calling Nickelback a band of the ’90s, let alone “one of the greatest bands of the ’90s,” is, of course, completely fucking crazy, even if, like Rep. Davis, you may have been a huge fan of the band’s 1996 Hesher EP. One figures the Republican from Illinois has a copy of Nickelback’s debut album The State from when the band self-released it in 1996 and not one of the Roadrunner Records or EMI Canada reissues?

In response to Davis’s brave admission, Pocan quipped, “One more reason why there’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans.”

Pocan graciously yielded the floor so that Davis could further defend Chad and the boys.

“I know [Pocan] did not mean to offend the many thousands upon thousands of Nickelback fans in his district in Wisconsin,” Davis said. He continued: “And yes, I actually do have a Nickelback song on my running playlist that I listen to on a regular basis. I was ridiculed [for] that when I posted my playlist one time, and I know some in this chamber, even up at the dais, are still laughing about that.”

Davis then yielded to Pocan so he could continue roasting Davis.

“I will just wrap by saying, I appreciate that very brave admission of your fandom for Nickelback,” Pocan said. “That’s very brave, and I do recognize that.”

You can watch the congressmen goof off below.

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