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Logic Releases Two Songs Produced by Mac DeMarco

Logic, earnest rapper extraordinaire, recently wrote a novel entitled Supermarket. Along with the novel, he’s released a new soundtrack for it, which has him dabbling in a more “guitar-driven, live band” sound, according to a press release.

That guitar sound has lead Logic into the arms of top indie chill dude Mac DeMarco, who produced two songs on the soundtrack: “I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World” and “Vacation From Myself.” You can hear them both—and the full Supermarket soundtrack, if you’re so inclined—below. And if you decide to actually read the book: I don’t know, that’s up to you, man.

Logic also has a new album coming called Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which he recently announced with a faux-bloody promotional video. Last year, he released the album Young Sinatra IV and the mixtape Bobby Tarantino II. Demarco also has a forthcoming record: Here Comes the Cowboy, out May 10. He released the single “Here Comes the Cowboy” earlier this month, which came with a video featuring Mac dressed as a lizard smoking a cigar.