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Lana Del Rey’s Poetry Can Be Yours for the Low, Low Price of $1

Lana Del Rey's Poetry Available for $1

Lana Del Rey is in the process of self-publishing her first poetry collection, and at these prices, she’s practically giving it away. The singer first teased the project last September when she teased the notion of binding a collection of poems she had been working on titled Violet Bent Backwards Over Grass.

“I have like 13 kind of long poems that I started binding and I thought, ‘Wow, the pages are kind of stacking up here.’ I mean, it’s easy too with haikus because it’s only three lines so you could have like 30 pages of haikus that’s only like 200 words or something,” Del Rey told Zane Lowe last fall. “So I mean what I’d like to do is sort of self publish but I’m not very good at the distribution side of things.”

On Friday, Del Rey gave fans an update on the project via Instagram.

“Hey! So I’m like super excited about self publishing my first poetry book,” the millennial Anne Sexton wrote in the caption. “And I just wanted to say any mom-and-pop SoCal/ San Fran book stores that are interested in having it just let me know and I’ll drive you out a couple boxes when I’m done binding it in a few months.”

The personalized delivery service is a nice touch given how Del Rey could just sell her books on Etsy.

When a fan in the comments asked how much the book will cost, Del Rey wrote “$1 … because my thoughts are priceless.”

Del Rey fans who live outside of California can read Del Rey’s poetry for free on her Instagram page, but the hand-bound volume of her writing does seem like a nice collectors’ item.


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