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Kindness – “Cry Everything” (Feat. Robyn)

kindness robyn "cry everything" listen

While Kindness haven’t released much music since their sophomore record Otherness back in 2014, they have spent plenty of time in the studio working with the likes of Blood Orange, Solange, and Robyn, whom they’ve tagged for their new return single, the groovy and solemn “Cry Everything.”

“‘Cry Everything is a song myself and Robyn started together in 2014, and both of us have grown, cried and experienced joy & heaviness in that time,” Kindness writes in the song description on Bandcamp, where the single is also for sale. “In a bittersweet way, I think only the current version of me could have finished this song, and that it’s a message of tenderness and understanding to a former self. Thank you to Todd Rundgren for letting us use his voice, and to you all for waiting for me to work out what I wanted to say when I came back to music. I’ve missed you! Cry Everything, co-written with [Robyn], is out now.”

Kindness also included a message about their return and use of new pronouns, saying: “a whole lot has changed since 2014, when I last released music. I hope my new music is a reflection of this, and how I want to move through the world. Please note my new pronouns, and use them, thank you!” Listen to “Cry Everything” below.