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A Star Is Born Producer Leaves Live Nation Following Abuse Allegations

Heather Parry, former head of Live Nation’s film and television division, has left the company following a third party investigation into allegations that Parry bullied her employees and denigrated black people in the workplace.

Parry ran Live Nation Productions for three years, during which she facilitated the company’s investment in the Oscar-nominated film A Star Is Born and developed documentaries with Diddy and Lady Gaga. Allegations that Parry has a history of abusing subordinates emerged last December after an unknown individual posted a since-deleted open letter on Live Nation’s official Twitter account calling Parry an “abusive monster” who verbally attacked and threw objects at employees, some of whom allegedly sought therapy and developed eating disorders as a result of the workplace environment.

Variety subsequently reported that 10 employees had filed complaints about Parry with human resources that did not result in any disciplinary action but that did prompt a meeting in which executives told complainants that Parry’s division would be shut down without her presence. Current and former employees told Variety that Parry threw an iPhone charger at an assistant, called individuals “faggot,” and after growing frustrated with a black employee said, “Black people, you can’t count on them for anything.” One former Live Nation employee called Parry an “emotional terrorist.”

Parry told Billboard in a statement: “I am humbled and will grow from this experience, and I look forward to continuing my career as an independent producer.” She also stated that she is “grateful that the company’s independent inquiry showed that [she is] not racist or homophobic.” The terms of Parry’s exit are unclear. A representative for Live Nation did not immediately respond to Spin’s question regarding whether Parry received a severance package.

You can read Variety‘s full report on Parry’s alleged bullying here.