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Frances Bean Cobain Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny Record Deal Rumor

frances bean cobain can't tell rupaul about record deal rumors

Frances Bean Cobain recently had a revealing talk with longtime family friend RuPaul, recorded for last week’s episode of Ru’s “What’s the Tee” podcast. In an approximately 40-minute chat, the 25-year-old daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love offered some candid and self-deprecating perspective on her rock royalty parentage, unusual upbringing, and the challenges of forging her own public identity. Seemingly no topic was off limits—not even ex-husband Isaiah Silva—except one: Cobain’s reported but as-yet-unconfirmed record deal.

Cobain has been posting (and often deleting) original song snippets on Instagram for months now. Asked to describe her musical style, she said it’s “like if PJ Harvey and Fiona Apple got into a fist fight that was broken up by Dolly Parton and Jeff Buckley is crying in a corner.” But when asked whether she had a record deal, Cobain said only, “I can’t speak of those things at the moment.” Despite her non-denial denial, Ireland’s Business Post reported last summer that Cobain had signed a two-album deal with Columbia. She was visiting Ireland for an exhibition of Kurt Cobain memorabilia at the time.

During the RuPaul interview, Cobain also discussed how she maintains a healthy relationship with her mother, how 12-step programs and spirituality helped her find sobriety, and how she learned financial management as a self-described “trust fund baby.” She explained her former marriage to Silva as a source of “stability” in a sometimes chaotic life; unsurprisingly, the interview did not touch on the wild civil lawsuit involving Silva, Love, Love’s ex-manager Sam Lutfi, and Kurt Cobain’s old guitar.

The full interview does make Cobain sound pretty damn likable, though; you can listen below.