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David Lynch’s Blue Velvet Gets Criterion Release with New “Lost Footage”

david lynch blue velvet criterion release

David Lynch’s 1986 classic Blue Velvet is expected to go into the Criterion ranks this spring, as first reported by IndieWire. The new edition of the psychological noir, which stars Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, and Laura Dern, will come with a number of special features including a purportedly 51-minute compilation of bonus footage, such as deleted scenes and alternate takes, referred to as “The Lost Footage.” IndieWire also reports that the footage had been teased since it’s discovery back in 2011, when Lynch, talking to L.A. Radio station KCRW, mentioned his joy over finding the deleted scenes. “It’s incredible. I’m seeing stuff I thought was gone forever.”

Along with the new footage, the criterion edition will include the documentaries “Blue Velvet” Revisited from filmmaker Peter Braatz, looking back on the film’s legacy and the 70-minute “making of” movie Mysteries of Love, as well as a 4k restoration of the original film. Blue Velvet will mark David Lynch’s fourth film to receive the Criterion treatment, following after Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. However, it is surely the only Criterion film that shows the proper respect due to Pabst Blue Ribbon. The Blue Velvet criterion will be released on May 28 on DVD and Blu-Ray.