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Bibio – “Curls”

Bibio can do almost anything. Stephen Wilkinson’s discography includes experimental electronic releases, forays into lo-fi and glitch, and even dreamy folk rock. On 2017’s excellent Phantom Brickworks and its 2018 companion EP, Wilkinson wove together foggy sounds into some thoroughly haunting ambient compositions.

Now, after teasing new music on Twitter last week, Wilkinson is back with a new song. Ditching the cold ambient of Phantom Brickworks, “Curls” sounds bright and pastoral, with fingerpicked guitar at the fore. Wilkinson also experiments with vocals, which have been largely absent from his recent output. Describing the track, Wilkinson wrote the following:

When I look back on recent years, some of the things that seem to be significant to me are these small observations and experiences, like the smell of rain on wool or fresh air captured in a person’s hair after coming inside from a walk outside. …. There are many good things in life that you can have too much of, except for fresh air, so perhaps that’s why it feels so welcome when it clings to us, and therefore, like these other little daily observations that resonate with me so much, it’s worthy of a mention in a song.

“Curls” also comes along with a gorgeous video trailer. Watch the trailer and hear the new track in full below.

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