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Tim Heidecker Releases Another Year In Hell: Collected Songs from 2018 EP

Tim Heidecker Releases 'Another Year in Hell: Collected Songs from 2018' EP

Comedian Tim Heidecker has released the Another Year in Hell: Collected Songs from 2018 EP, his follow up to his 2016 release Too Dumb For Suicide: Tim Heidecker’s Trump Songs. Heidecker kicked off the release of his new EP with an animated lyric video of “The Ballad of ICE Agent Ray,” a track that Spin previously described as “a sickly-sweet Randy Newman-style number about a federal immigration officer who spends his days sipping Mountain Dew and separating mothers from their children, and his nights relaxing and watching cartoons.”

The clip, which was edited by Vic Berger, aka the Twitter Cronenberg of viral video edits, displays the song’s lyrics in the format of President Trump’s tweets, complete with the commander-in-chief’s creative spelling.

“It was another year in Hell,” Heidecker said in a statement. “And while it didn’t generate the number of songs the year before did, I’m glad to have these songs I’ve released throughout the year in one handy package. And for the first time you can hear a new orchestration of ‘Tobin and the Judge’ by Bobby Halverson. This song really only showed up on YouTube as a backstage live recording so I’m so glad there’s an official and quite beautiful version of it now. Also new to most everyone’s ears is:  ‘Rake the Floor’ which I wrote for Father John Misty’s Wildfire Relief Fundraiser.  Please enjoy!”

The EP features songs performed by Heidecker as various fringe characters populating the MAGA-verse, including incels and QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Another Year in Hell is out on Jagjaguwar and available for streaming or purchase here.