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Watch Matthew McConaughey Party With Snoop Dogg and George Clinton in The Beach Bum Trailer

Here is an incomplete list of things featured in the new trailer for Harmony Korine‘s forthcoming film The Beach Bum: a cat drinking beer, a parrot snorting cocaine, Jonah Hill’s redneck accent, a plane named “Chronic Aviation” flown by a pilot with glaucoma portrayed by (an uncredited) George Clinton, steel drums, gas mask bongs, and Martin Lawrence. If that wasn’t enough, the film stars Matthew McConaughey as the titular bum, an apparently washed up novelist named Moondog, plus Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jimmy Buffett, and more.

By the looks of it, the movie tells the story of McConaughey’s character attempting to reclaim his mojo as an author. Moondog, who writes on a typewriter, says things like, “I start to hear music. The world’s reverberating back and forth, and I hit the frequency, and I start to dance to it, and my fingers get moving. I’m spinning all over the fucking place and the fucking words come out.” Korine wrote and directed. It’s his first film since 2013’s Spring Breakers, another flick about beaches and a philosophical white dude who likes drugs.

The Beach Bum premieres this March at South by Southwest and hits theaters on March 22. Please enjoy Zac Efron’s sideburns in the trailer below.