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Offset Has an Incredible Amount of Cereal in His House

Rap—or the modern version of it anyway—is the art of instilling a sort of celebratory envy in the listener. We don’t own expensive cars, sparkly jewelry or enormous homes, but our favorite rappers do, and for a few minutes that can be good enough. To that list I now add: cereal.

Earlier today, Offset posted a series of Instagram stories from inside his pantry talking to one of his kids about whether he likes sour candy. At one point, Offset pans the camera up to reveal an enormous cache of cereal. Look at this shit:


I count something like 45 boxes of cereal. In the subsequent story, Offset swings the camera to his left to show another five boxes of cereal. That puts the cereal count in his house—conservatively—at 50 boxes.

Damn. I want 50 boxes of cereal.

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