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Kanye West to Appear on David Letterman’s Netflix Series

One month after Netflix confirmed a second season of David Letterman‘s chummy and sometimes interesting talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Vulture reports Letterman has interviewed Kanye West for the series. Their conversation took place on Monday in Los Angeles.

A source said the interview largely focused on both artists’ struggles with mental illness. West, of course, discussed his mental health at length last year on Twitter, in interviews, and in his music, at one point describing bipolar disorder as a “superpower” on his Ye song “Yikes.” Letterman has in the past discussed his own depression, as well as an initial stubbornness and ultimate embrace of medication. There’s certainly potential for an interesting talk.

The first season of Letterman’s show featured longform conversations with Jay-Z, Barack Obama, and Tina Fey, among other guests who need no introduction. Vulture reports the show “should return by this summer.” West is reportedly working on a solo album entitled Yandhi, originally scheduled for release last November. Whether it’s out by the time this interview hits streaming is anyone’s guess.