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Jack Dorsey Denies Mailing Beard Shavings to Azealia Banks

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has denied one of the better rumors in recent memory: that he once mailed beard shavings to rapper/witch Azealia Banks so she could craft an amulet to protect him from ISIS. The denial came in an interview published today by HuffPost, in which the billionaire does not mince words:

I know there was a report recently that you mailed some of your beard hair to Azealia Banks. Did that happen?


You didn’t?


The original story dates back to 2016, when Banks first tweeted that Dorsey sent her facial hair “in an envelope” for purposes of creating said magical object. In exchange, Dorsey supposedly promised to promote Banks’ (good) mixtape Slay-Z, which he never did. The rumor resurfaced last month in a Vanity Fair report that claimed a source independently shared the story with journalist Nick Bilton. In a subsequent interview with Business Insider, Banks confirmed the report, saying, “I made a pact on his behalf and he left me hanging.”

Whatever the truth, it seems very dangerous to call a sorceress a liar.