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Coachella’s Owner Donated $134,400 to Republicans in 2018

Coachella announced its 2019 lineup last night, providing another opportunity to check in on political donations by the guy who owns the company (Anschutz Corporation) that owns the company (AEG Live) that owns the company (Goldenvoice) that organizes and promotes the festival. Philip Anschutz, the multi-billionaire in question, personally donated $134,400 to Republican candidates, party groups, and political action committees in 2018, according to Federal Election Commission records tracked on Open Secrets. He did not donate to any Democratic candidates or instruments.

Recipients included retired Utah octogenarian Orrin Hatch ($5,400) and former House Speaker Paul Ryan ($2,700), both of whom returned Anschutz’s donations, presumably because they were made (for some reason) after each announced they would not seek re-election in last fall’s midterms. Anschutz also donated $33,900 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, on top of donations to GOP state party organizations in 13 states. As previously reported, Anschutz personally donated $187,300 to Republican candidates and organizations in the off-cycle 2017 calendar year.

Anschutz has received criticism for past donations by his family’s nonprofit to anti-LGBTQ groups. In 2017, Anschutz called reports that he opposes LGBTQ rights “fake news.”