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Ariana Grande Accidentally Gets “Small Charcoal Grill” Tattooed in Japanese on Her Palm

Ariana Grande has a history of impulsive tattoos. In the aftermath of her breakup with Pete Davidson, Grande covered up a ring finger tattoo dedicated to Davidson with a black heart. She also changed her tattoo memorializing Davidson’s late father into a tribute to Mac Miller’s dog.

Now, Kotaku reports fans are roasting Grande for a new tattoo featuring the misspelled Japanese phrase “七輪.” Individually, the kanji character 七 means “seven,” and 輪 translates to “hoop,” “circle,” “ring,” or “wheel.” While the tattoo was clearly meant to commemorate the success of her recent single “Seven Rings,” the characters “七輪” shown together actually translate to “shichirin,” or “small charcoal grill.” In the music video for “Seven Rings,” the phrase is actually written correctly as “七つの指輪.”

Grande has been repeatedly called out on social media for her appropriation of Japanese language and culture. When one Twitter user jumped on the misspelled tattoo, Grande decided to roll with it, replying that while she did indeed leave out the characters “つの指” between 七 and 輪, the tattoo “still looks tight.” She added that it “hurt like fuck,” and that she “wouldn’t have lasted through one more symbol.” I, for one, think “small charcoal girl” makes a cooler tattoo than “seven rings,” but it’s possible Grande will be updating her ink soon.