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Confused Old Man Has No Idea Where He Is

Trump Thinks He's in St. Louis While Addressing Kansas City Crowd

President Trump addressed a law enforcement conference in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday where he got to do two of his favorite things: rant about immigrants and bitch about Democrats not funding his border wall. Trump usually does well with cops, but today he biffed what should have been a cake walk when he let it slip that he thought he was in another city entirely while going off about gang violence.

Trump praised one cop for having “successfully ended more than 50 ongoing, escalating gunbattles between rival gangs right here in St. Louis.”

He got the state right, which frankly makes his gaffe even more baffling because he didn’t make the more common mixup between Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.

Like any Fox News grandpa, Trump is no stranger to the occasional mixup and moment of confusion. He’s also not the first politician to forget where he is during a public appearance.  In fairness to the commander-in-chief, he’s had a lot on his mind lately.