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Stephen Miller’s Hair Is Back to Normal Today

Stephen Miller's Spray On Hair is Wild

Stephen Miller, a Trump administration policy adviser that one of the president’s outside advisers likened to “Waffen-SS,” went on Face the Nation on Sunday morning to defend President Trump’s push for border wall funding in the face of a looming government shutdown. Unfortunately for Miller, his anti-immigration talking points were upstaged by his utterly distracting scalp merkin. As the screenshots show, Miller blustered his way through an interview with Face the Nation‘s Margaret Brennan with a bit of Ronco spray-on hair lacquered solely on the front of his head. According to New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers, Miller hosed the liquid astroturf off his dome before going to work this morning.

This is the point where humorless scolds jump into my DMs to tell me that the most offensive thing about Miller is his abject racism and hardline anti-immigration policies that inflict needless suffering on already vulnerable people, and I’m inclined to agree. That being said, it’s absolutely ridiculous to expect people not to dunk on a fascist when he goes on TV with an absurd Bela Lugosi widow’s peak painted on his forehead, especially when a heroic Face the Nation producer makes sure to include a shot of the back of Miller’s head. It’s called multitasking!

For those inclined to believe that CBS’s hair and makeup department intentionally decided to make Miller look like a deeply insecure man who lacks self-awareness, a Fox News hit from last week features Miller rocking the same forehead shellac. So it looks like giving the top of his head the Steven Seagal treatment was Miller’s choice.

Granted, there’s nothing wrong with going bald, and Miller would do well to focus on his more pressing flaws.