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Rivers Cuomo Is “Totally Honored” By the SNL Weezer Sketch He Still Hasn’t Seen

Rivers Cuomo Reacts to the 'SNL' Weezer Sketch He Still Hasn't Seen

Rivers Cuomo has responded to Saturday Night Live‘s Weezer sketch despite not having seen it. When reached for comment by Rolling Stone, Cuomo confirmed that he still hadn’t seen Matt Damon and Leslie Jones having a near-violent debate over the greatest era of the band, despite everyone, including his own mother, texting him about it. He then told writer Simon Vozik-Levinson that “if there’s a specific moment you want me to comment on, you’d probably better describe it.”

In response to the part of the sketch where Damon and Jones spar over the best Weezer lineup and Damon asserts that Weezer “didn’t start” until Scott Shriner replaced bassist Matt Sharp after he left the band in 1998, Cuomo said: “It’s so deep, man! Who even knows what they’re talking about? I’m totally honored, but I hope people weren’t changing the channel.”

“They really nailed it, right?” Cuomo said of the sketch he hasn’t seen. “I still can’t believe it. It can’t be that big of an audience that would appreciate such a specific little niche as the Weezer fandom.”

If you thought Cuomo had actually seen the sketch because of the excited tweet he posted on Sunday, which read “THEY HAD A WHOLE ASS SKIT ABOUT WEEZER AND ME ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE AND IM ACTUALLY CRYING AAAGGGGHHHHHHH,” you’re not alone.

“You know my Twitter, right? There’s little on there that’s literally true,” Cuomo explained. “A lot of it is Trump-true. Like, I agree with the spirit of what I’m tweeting, but a lot of times it’s not factually correct.”

Sharp, on the other hand, seems to have been able to spare four minutes of his life to watch the sketch and tweeted his glowing approval.

You can read Rolling Stone‘s entire conversation with Cuomo here.