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Watch Meek Mill Talk Criminal Justice on The Daily Show

meek mill daily show trevor noah criminal justice

Since being released from jail after a questionable probation violation, Meek Mill has been one of the most outspoken advocates for prison reform, speaking out on interviews, in his music, and with political leaders. Last night, Mill continued to tell his story and fight for change on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. While he was ostensibly there to promote his latest album Championships, he focused primarily on unjust sentencing and how easy it currently is for people on bail or probation to end up back in prison even without committing a crime.

Throughout the the 15 minute interview, Mill goes into detail about his case and how he’s spent time learning about the justice system and the statutes in place, the horror stories he experienced while in jail, and his mission to fight for others now that he’s out. There were a few humorous moments though, like when he talked about playing ping-pong in jail to get his mind off of his rap beef with Drake, with whom he has since reconciled.

Watch the interview below.