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Lil Uzi Vert and Dennis Rodman’s DMs Are Amazing

A friendship between Lil Uzi Vert and five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman makes sense on many levels, not least their shared and inspired disregard for gendered clothing. Only so many heavily pierced neon punk aliens exist in this world and the least social media corporations could do is facilitate their connection. So, I have to thank Twitter for providing the means for the following exchange (click to expand):

That’s two legendary oddballs bending petty language to their extraterrestrial needs with a creative force rarely seen. Rodman has perfected this heavily spaced and peculiarly punctuated style on Twitter in recent months with classics like this and this which I’d love to quote but whose format Wordpress straight-up refuses to not “correct”—publishing technology-breaking prose. Uzi, meanwhile, slides into Rodman’s DMs with the force of song title nomenclature ala “dis blog prod. by ur boy.”

What these two might collaborate on is a wonderful question to ponder over the holidays.