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Grimes Responds to Poppy’s “Bullying” Claims: “You Dragged Me Into a Disgusting Situation”

Last week, musician and viral YouTube celebrity Poppy said that “Play Destroy,” her collaboration with Grimes from earlier this year, had caused quite a bit of drama between the two musicians, with Poppy claiming that she was “bullied into submission by [Grimes] and her team of self-proclaimed feminists.” In the interview with Billboard, she said that though they’d been planning to release the song for months, Grimes was “preventing” their collaboration from being released. “I got to watch her bully songwriters into signing NDA[s] and not taking credit for songs that they were a part of.”

In the wake of her new single “We Appreciate Power,” Grimes has responded to Poppy’s claims. In a new post on Instagram Stories which has since been removed, Grimes addressed Poppy directly, writing that she “dragged [her] into a disgusting situation.”

“Poppy, you dragged me into a disgusting situation and won’t stop punishing me for not wanting to be a part of it. I don’t want to work with you, you leaked the song anyway,” the statement continues. “U got what you want. Let it go.”

This isn’t the only feud Grimes has been a part of in recent months. In the midst of her relationship with Elon Musk, the Canadian musician’s plans to work with Azealia Banks spiraled out of control when Banks posted that she was “alone for days” in Musk’s home, unsure when they would return. Banks also added that the meet up could’ve been “some weird threesome sex shit to begin with,” a statement which representatives for Musk later called “absolute nonsense.” Banks later apologized for the incident. Check out a screenshot of Grimes’ response to Poppy below.

Grimes Responds to Poppy's

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