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Frances Bean Cobain Shares “Rough Yet Delicate” New Song on Instagram

Frances Bean Cobain Shares New Song on Instagram

Frances Bean Cobain has shared footage of herself performing an acoustic “rough yet delicate tune” on Instagram. Cobain has shared clips of herself singing brief snippets of a song before, but this one feels the closest to a finished song, with two videos of the performance along with lyrics included in the caption. During the second video, you can catch the poker-faced Cobain crack a hint of a smile as a cat just casually saunters through mid-performance.

“I wrote this here rough yet delicate tune last night. The creative death rattle of 2018, as it were,” Cobain wrote in the Instagram caption. “It’s been a weird one but I’ve never felt more creatively charged or more in control of my own narrative.”

The weirdness the 26-year-old model and artist is likely referring to is the convoluted lawsuit her ex-husband Isaiah Silva filed against Cobain’s mother, Courtney Love, over her alleged participation in what Silva says was conspiracy to have him murdered in 2016. You can read more about the admittedly bizarre claims made in the suit here.