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Watch Frances Bean Cobain Perform a New Original Song on Instagram

frances bean cobain instagram music

In recent months, Frances Bean Cobain has occasionally taken to Instagram to perform snippets of cover songs and to debut her own songwriting works-in-progress. Over the weekend, she returned with an excerpt of a new song performed on her usual acoustic guitar and embellished with a video filter. While the composition doesn’t have an apparent title, it does feel more thematically and vocally developed than earlier efforts, opening with the starkly emotional line, “No one told me / How I should love myself.”

In the past, Cobain has said she doesn’t take her Instagram tunes too seriously and that “not everyone has to like it,” but that she’s not opposed to pursuing a music career in the future. Ireland’s Business Post reported this summer that Cobain had signed a record deal, but there’s been no official confirmation to date.

“If I could keep the raspiness in my voice from being sick without getting sick … I would,” Cobain wrote in her latest video caption, along with the rest of the lyrics to the clip. Watch her debut her latest new song below.