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New Brian Wilson Documentary Will Feature Bruce Springsteen, Elton John

Brian Wilson is the subject of a new documentary, Variety and Rolling Stone report. Directed by Brent Wilson (no relation), the documentary will follow the legendary Beach Boys frontman as he travels around Los Angeles with Rolling Stone editor Jason Fine. Describing the film, the director said that “seventy-five percent of what is in the film is Brian. And then we were really selective about who we wanted to appear in the film, using people like Springsteen, Elton and Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) to reinforce the themes.” The documentary also features interviews with Nick Jonas, Taylor Hawkins, Gustavo Dudamel, Jakob Dylan, and Bob Gaudio.

Brian Wilson adds, “It felt like a good time to look back.” Both director and musician have characterized the film as a wholly conversational tour of L.A., with shots of “relaxing and listening to music, talking at the deli and cruising down to Malibu for sushi.”

Brent Wilson insists there’s nothing biographical about it — “It’s definitely not a biographical film. It’s not linear in any fashion. It’s more of an impressionistic film with the music as the driving force that carries it through…I feel like we’ve got something different here. I’ve never seen a biopic like this before. I’m hoping it’ll be received for what it is, a beautiful, honest portrait of Brian.” The documentary is currently untitled, and is scheduled for release in 2019.