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The Beastie Boys Sit Down With Marc Maron for Wide-Ranging WTF Interview

The Beastie Boys Appear on 'WTF with Marc Maron'

The surviving Beastie Boys, Adam Horowitz and Mike Diamond, recently sat down with Marc Maron to promote the emcees’ comprehensive memoir Beastie Boys Book. During the intro to the episode, Maron admitted that he had actually read the book before the interview, which is more research than he usually does for his shows. His interview benefits from his prep work, even if he took a passive aggressive swipe at Horowitz in his introduction for not being as enthusiastic and gregarious as Maron would have liked, describing the rapper as giving “maybe one and a half fucks” during the chat. Maron does eventually concede that maybe this is just the dynamic Horovitz shares with the far more verbose Diamond.

Maron is clearly excited to sit down with the Beastie Boys and enthusiastically dives into topics like growing up in ’70s New York, their punk rock roots, going on tour with Madonna and meeting Run DMC. Diamond is a natural conversationalist, so Maron wisely sits back and lets him guide the chat, jumping around from recounting meeting Rick Rubin for the first time to cataloguing some of the most memorable meals the band have eaten together. Diamond has the excited cadence of a teenager, which ups the charm factor.

You can listen to the entire interview here.