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Aphex Twin Releases Three New Drukqs Tracks

Seventeen years after the initial release of Drukqs, Aphex Twin has added three new songs to the album’s tracklist. In addition to the new track, “Mangle 11,” Richard D. James has released two reworks of his classic “Avril 14th.” “Mangle 11” harks back to the 2003 track “Mangle 11 [Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix],” which James released as AFX on a compilation called Rephlexions! An Album Of Braindance! With its slightly slicker production and breakneck digital drums, the new track references that original version without adhering too closely to the original.

For “avril 14th reversed music not audio [re-recorded 2009 nagral]” and “avril 14th half speed alternative version [re-recorded 2009 nagral],” James has played with pitches time signatures for two entirely divergent takes on the original. All three songs have been added to the Drukqs tracklist, and are available for purchase on the Aphex Twin webstore. Earlier this year, James released an EP called Collapse — read our review of that project here.