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Tenacious D Perform New Music From Post-Apocalypto on Kimmel

tenacious d jimmy kimmel live post-apocalypto performance

Back in September, Tenacious D made their return with a new animated series on YouTube with Post-Apocalypto. The show, which is hand drawn by Jack Black, follows the life of Tenacious D after the detonation of an atomic bomb where they are “thrust into a world of complete and utter destruction.” Today, to coincide with the series’ season finale, Tenacious D has released their soundtrack for the show. To promote the show and soundtrack, the duo went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to perform two songs featured in the cartoon— “Colors” and “Woman Time.”

The band put on a small outdoor concert set at Kimmel, full of the typical theatrics, humor, and eccentricity that Tenacious D has made a consistent part of their bit. If nothing else, they know how to sell the ludicrousness of their concept. The last time the band made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was in promotion of the series itself and involved crashing Kimmel’s set with a motorcycle and a burrito gun. Tenacious D are currently on a North American tour and will be making a stop in Brooklyn for a show this weekend. You can check out the two performances of “Colors” and “Woman Time” below.