Nelly Faces New Sexual Assault Lawsuit

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 24: Rapper Nelly attends the PrettyLittleThing x Ashley Graham Event at Delilah on September 24, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Nelly has been sued for sexual assault and defamation by a woman who claims the rapper non-consensually masturbated in front of her and tried to force her to perform oral sex backstage after a December 2017 concert in Essex, England. The accuser, identified as Jane Doe, previously raised the allegation in an earlier lawsuit against Nelly brought by Monique Greene, who accused the rapper of rape and settled out of court.

The facts submitted in the new lawsuit are identical to those submitted in Greene’s case as evidence of a “pattern of conduct.” Doe describes celebrating her birthday with friends by seeing Nelly perform at Cliffs Pavilion, and taking a photo with the artist after the show. According to the complaint, Nelly invited the woman to a small room containing a shower, adjacent to his dressing room, where the alleged assault took place.

Jane Doe also accuses Nelly and his girlfriend, Shantel Christine Jackson, of defamation for denying the allegations by Greene and other Nelly accusers in public statements earlier this year. She claims she has suffered PTSD and other damages as a result of the assault and subsequent public statements, and seeks damages and a jury trial.

You can read the full complaint below.

Update, 4 p.m. ET: Nelly has responded to the lawsuit in a statement to The Blast. He denies the allegations and claims to be speaking out “for the real victims strong enough to come forward and face people that have actually assaulted them.” You can read his full comments below:

I’ve been quiet for some time. But these baseless allegations hurt more than just me. The truth will come out, and I will be vindicated. These types of false allegations undermine real claims of sexual abuse/harassment by real victims.

To go after my girlfriend as well is unfair and goes too far. Shantel has been through enough. I am a father to a beautiful strong woman. I was raised by a strong single woman. I love them all very much. I own my actions and take responsibility for my conduct with Monique Greene. We had CONSENSUAL sex after meeting in a club. Period. I have been living in the limelight for my entire adult life. I have had zero allegations or issues in the past, I knew better! And for that, I had to deal with the repercussions of my poor choice. I am repairing the trust that I broke with Shantel, I have apologized to my family and friends for the embarrassment I have caused them. And, I am committed to be a better man.

Monique Greene pursued civil legal action against me when no criminal charges were filed or pursued. I responded with civil claims of my own against her. Ultimately, we both agreed to dismiss our claims against each other.

Now, that the same lawyer has filed or threatened to file a “Jane Doe” lawsuit. I do NOT plan on walking away quietly. I have to speak up for my family and for the real victims strong enough to come forward and face people that have actually assaulted them.

I want to thank Shantel, my family, friends, and fans that have stood next to me through all of this, and know my real character.


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