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Watch Mitski Perform a Beautiful A Cappella Version of “Nobody” on SiriusXM

Mitski performed a set for SiriusXM recently, which is set to air on the satellite radio station tonight at 9pm EST. The station has shared video of one notable performance from the session: a totally a cappella version of Be the Cowboy‘s standout single “Nobody.” Mitski backs herself solely with finger snaps, and navigates the chorus’s triumphant key changes with ease. The performance is certainly more powerful than one might expect from the elevator pitch.

She tweeted about her decision to approach the song this way, an idea which she says was partially inspired by Genius commenters. “Please enjoy this musical theater audition,” she wrote. Think it’s fitting that I’m singing with nobody and nothing—the song in its truest form.” She also assured fans that she is only wearing headphones “to hear [her] own voice because this studio is actually in the middle of the Sirius office lol, don’t let the cynics tell you there’s backing tracks in there, it’s all live baby.”

Mitski released Be the Cowboy, her sophomore album, in August. Earlier this month, she released a video for “Washing Machine Heart.” Watch the excerpt from the Sirius performance below.