Minor Threat Reunite to Recreate Salad Days EP Cover Art

Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, portrait, United Kingdom, 1991. (Photo by Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images)

DC hardcore heroes Minor Threat got together to recreate the cover photo for their iconic 1985 EP Salad Days. Founding member Brian Baker posted a photo on Instagram depicting Ian MacKaye, Lyle Preslar, Jeff Nelson and Baker returning to the front porch of Dischord House in Arlington, Virginia, the home of MacKaye and Nelson’s Dischord Records.

“Jeff insists that we always take a porch shot for posterity when the four of us are at Dischord,” Baker shared with WTOP. “This is just the first one we’ve had taken since I’ve had an Instagram account.”

It’s worth noting that photo also includes the perfect caption. Beneath their album art recreation, Baker wrote “Senior Threat,” of course a play on the band’s name, now updated for its members’ current ages. In 2012, Salad Days served as the name for a film documenting the DC hardcore scene. Check out the band’s recreation of the photo below and revisit our 2003 feature on the DIY legacy of Dischord Records.


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