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Listen to Mac Miller’s Billy Preston Cover

In the lead-up to Mac Miller’s final album before his death in September, critics and fans noted the rapper’s evolution as an artist, melding more jazz and soul into his music as well as growing into a stronger singer. Those qualities are on display with a new posthumous release of Miller’s Spotify Singles session, the series in which an artist performs both a cover and an original record for a live in-studio session at Spotify’s studios.

For the series, Miller performed a sparse, piano version of the Billy Preston 1974 hit “Nothing From Nothing,” creating a more vulnerable version of the jazzy, upbeat single. Along with the Preston cover, Miller also performed a very somber, touching piano-based rendition of “Dunno,” from his final studio album Swimming. Listening to Miller’s voice quiver and crack through both songs will almost certainly melt your heart to listen to so be forewarned. A gut-wrenching reminder of the artist at his best but also what could’ve been.

Mac Miller reportedly worked on a lot of music before his passing, so there certainly will be more posthumous releases to come. In the meantime, check out both “Dunno” and “Nothing From Nothing” below.

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