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Justin Bieber Resolves Years-Old Egging Lawsuit

Nearly five years ago, before meeting Jesus, Justin Bieber egged his neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz’s house. Bieber was charged with a criminal vandalism misdemeanor, required to complete community service and anger management classes, and paid his neighbor over $80,000 in restitution. Schwartz, who yelled “Come back over here, you little bitch” at Bieber during the altercation, also filed a lawsuit for emotional distress. TMZ reports today that both parties have finally resolved the civil dispute. The settlement’s terms are confidential.

This isn’t particularly interesting or newsworthy, but it’s just pretty weird to remember the days when Bieber was a fresh-faced underage sensation with loads of money, engaging in the types of public antics you might expect from an unbridled child star. Days after the egging incident, he was arrested in Miami for drunkenly racing a Lamborghini. Now, he’s a married semi-recluse who befriends hip pastors and rarely releases music. If celebrity gossip lends our lives continuity and a grotesque sense of wish fulfillment, present-day Bieber, lacking clear motive or purpose, befuddles. When teenage Bieber belligerently threw those eggs, we at least understood why.

You can revisit those simpler times below.