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Watch Jeff Tweedy Perform “Let’s Go Rain” on Colbert

Jeff Tweedy swung by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to plug his new memoir and perform a track from his upcoming solo album, Warm. Among the topics discussed was the detail that, in third grade, Tweedy told his friends he’d written Born To Run. Colbert pointed to the, uh, general implausibility of that claim with a line from the album’s title track — “‘Baby this town rips the bones from your back?’” To which Tweedy responded, “I had a lot on my mind at eight.”

Tweedy later performed the solo track “Let’s Go Rain,” which, during the interview segment, he referred to as a “joyous plea for the sweet relief of death.” As he performs, a goofy recreation of Noah’s Ark assembles behind the band. Watch the bouncy, Bible-themed rendition of “Let’s Go Rain” below, along with a clip of Tweedy’s interview.