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Alec Baldwin Told Police He Pushed “Asshole” Who Stole His Parking Spot

Alec Baldwin Admits to Pushing "Asshole" Who Stole His Parking Spot

Alec Baldwin appeared in court on Monday morning following his arrest earlier this month for allegedly punching a man during an argument over a parking spot near the actor’s West Village apartment. According to court documents released this morning, the 30 Rock star told an officer on the scene that he did indeed push the “asshole” for stealing his parking spot, Vulture reports.


“[H]e’s an asshole. He stole my spot,” Baldwin told the cop, according to the Voluntary Disclosure Form made public after the actor’s court appearance. “I did push him.”

The accuser’s complaint states that Baldwin did push him during their argument, but he also accused Baldwin of striking him “across the left side of my face with his closed right hand, resulting in pain to my face.”

Baldwin pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charges of attempted assault and harassment. His attorney, Alan Abramson, denied all allegations of physical assault against the SNL star in court this morning.

“Mr. Baldwin is a public figure whose reputation has been damaged by media reports that claim that he punched a man on a New York City Street,” Abramson told the judge. “There is incontrovertible video evidence that has been turned over to the District Attorney’s Office that proves beyond all doubt that Mr. Baldwin never punched anyone.” He added: “Mr. Baldwin did not commit any crime and we are confident that once this matter is fully investigated, it will be resolved swiftly and appropriately in court.”

Baldwin was arrested on November 2 after getting into an altercation with the 49-year-old man over a parking space an unspecified member of the Baldwin family was trying to hold for the actor. The man went to the hospital for pain in his jaw and neck after Baldwin allegedly punched him.

The actor had nothing to say to reporters as he arrived to court this morning. Baldwin is due back in court on January 23.