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Donald Trump Thinks That the Democratic Party, Which Is Called the Democratic Party, Should Be Called the “Democratic Party”

Trump: The Democratic Party, Which Is Called the Democratic Party, Be Called the "Democratic Party"

On Friday, Donald Trump addressed the nation at a White House event ostensibly scheduled as a Young Black Leadership summit, but which ended up functioning as the president’s platform to comment on the arrest of Florida man Cesar Sayoc, who is suspected of mailing explosive devices to the Clintons, Barack Obama, prominent members of the Democratic Party leadership, philanthropist George Soros, and CNN. The president attempted to sooth the nation with some heavily-scripted, hollow calls for unity before, uh, offering some passive aggressive advice to Democrats about how they could more effectively rebrand.

Here’s how Trump’s suggestion looks when written down, courtesy of Toronto Star Washington DC correspondent Daniel Dale.

“You notice I never say the Democratic Party. You know the word is Democrat,” Trump said, after going off script. “But when you say Democratic, it’s much nicer sounding, right? They should change their name, actually, but I’m not going to tell them that.”

Here’s the thing, Democrats actually do call themselves the Democratic Party. “Democrats” is a proper noun. “Democratic” is an adjective describing the party. When “democratic” is lower case, it’s an adjective describing aspects pertaining to the concept of democracy. Trump had more to say on the matter.

“But they say the Democratic Party. It’s not. … It’s called the Democrat Party,” the clearly confused 72-year-old said. “It doesn’t sound good, right?”

While continuing to think out loud on the subject, Trump put on his branding and marketing guru hat—his favorite hat, after all.

“I hate to say, you know, you’re making a speech and then you say the Democrat Party, and a lot of people say, ‘Oh, it should be the Democratic [Party] because it sounds so much better,” Trump said, moments after calling for bipartisan unity. “They should actually change the name. I’m giving them free advice. Change the name, because we’ll still beat them, their policies are no good, so it doesn’t matter.”

So the Democratic Party should call themselves the Democratic Party despite already calling themselves the Democratic Party. Right.

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