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St. Vincent Announces New Reworking of MASSEDUCTION

st vincent "savior" masseduction masseducation
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MAY 10: St. Vincent performs at the WeWork San Francisco Creator Awards at Palace of Fine Arts on May 10, 2018 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for the WeWork Creator Awards)

St. Vincent‘s Annie Clark has announced a forthcoming new album, which is a reworked edition of her last album MASSEDUCTION. The new record—which is called MassEducation and yes, you are reading that right—will feature sparse, piano reimaginings of each of the tracks on the album. In a handwritten letter about the new album written by Clark, and reported by Pitchfork,  she says, “We neither rehearse nor spoke about how to approach any song, but rather, played two to three live takes, picked the best one, and trusted in the feeling of the moment. So here it is—two dear friends playing songs together with the kind of secret understanding one can only get through endless nights in New York City. Enjoy.”

Yesterday, St. Vincent released “Slow Slow Disco” off the project, which is the second reworking of her track “Slow Disco.” The first one, “Fast Slow Disco,” was released back in the summer and received its own Zev Deans-directed video that had the songwriter swimming through a sea of sweaty, leather-clad bodies in an erotic nightclub setting. Today, she premieres the new version of “Savior” from MassEducation. The album is set to be released on October 12 via Loma Vista. Listen to “Savior” below.