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Sheck Wes – “Fuck Everybody”

On a day like today, when a prevailing evil’s conclusion falls into place with a sadistic lack of shame, it can be difficult to summon the energy for any response beyond anger, and even that requires overcoming the exhaustion. Perhaps anticipating the predicament, cruel fate saw fit to provide Sheck Wes’ “Fuck Everybody,” from the Harlem rapper’s debut album MUDBOY. The song supplies enough rage to go around.

In the de rigueur mosh mode of Rico Nasty and Denzel Curry, Wes curses the world and doesn’t think too far beyond that. “Fuck my school, nigga/Fuck the fuckin’ police too, nigga,” he yells over Yung Lunchbox’s bass-heavy mix, built around a synth line that plays like a dying siren. Most of the final verse consists of vocalized gun sounds. It’s not an original experiment, but the repetitive titular hook gets the job done, spewing vitriol in every direction, some questionable, but overall useful in the face of *gestures at everything*.

Like Susan Collins and Joe Manchin’s depravity, MUDBOY came out today. You can listen to “Fuck Everybody” below.

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