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Ryan Adams Apologizes for Being a Dick to Mandy Moore

Earlier this week, Ryan Adams called his ex-wife Mandy Moore “the spiritual equivalent of a soggy piece of cardboard” and joked on Twitter about not remembering their wedding after Moore described their marriage, which formally ended in 2016, a “very unhealthy situation” in a Glamour cover story. Adams has now expressed regret for his comments.

“I apologize for my remarks. I was trying to be funny. But I have and will always choose to remember the amazing moments,” he tweeted. “It isn’t classy or ok lessen what was. I am happy for everyone and doing my best.”

It appears Adams dissed Moore in a state of distress, for what it’s worth. He subsequently posted several lyrical tweets expressing sadness. (“I want to fall off the edge of the earth into space.” and “You can only get so low before you quit. I can’t see the waterline lately. This sucks.”) In addition to his new apology, Adams shared a photo of his cats and thanked fans for their messages of emotional support. “I am speaking with a grief/ crisis counsellor. I apologize if I caused anyone any worry,” he wrote. “Depression, anxiety/ panic attacks & grief are very real and serious issues. If anyone is suffering I urge you seek help. And cats.”

Spin can confirm that cats do rule. We wish everyone struggling our best. You can view Adams’s apology below.