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Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers Play Halloween Concert at Chad Smith’s Kids’ School

Red Hot Chili Peppers Perform at Chad Smith's Son's School for Halloween

The students at the Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California were treated to an impromptu Red Hot Chili Peppers concert during a Halloween assembly this morning. The band played the school, which enrolls students from kindergarten through 12th grade, because drummer Chad Smith‘s kids are students, per a tweet Smith shared. The 57-year-old has five children, three of which are still school age.

The Chili Peppers performed in what look like last minute costumes. Anthony Kiedis rocked what looked like a school boy outfit with a glittery Mardi Gras mask. Flea played the show in one of those novelty skeleton outfits. Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer apparently grabbed a green wig and sunglasses on his way out the door. Maybe he’s The Joker? It’s hard to tell. Smith put in the most effort with his Pope robes paired with a Guy Fawkes mask.

From the looks of the fan videos shared on Twitter, Kiedis refrained from flipping anyone off or cursing at them like he did at the Lakers/Rockets game last week.

You can see the Chili Peppers played one of their PG songs, “Can’t Stop,” in the videos below.

The last time Smith made headlines for a school-related incident was when Scott Baio accused Smith’s wife, Nancy Mack, of attacking him over his Trump support at a school function. The Smith family seems cool.