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Someone Explain Viral Dance Challenges to Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has released four new videos for “Come On to Me,” a single from his recent solo album Egypt Station. Three of the clips feature individual service employees—Elsa the janitor, Fred the security guard, and Ali the food truck vendor—dancing goofily in their respective workplaces to the blues-rock jam, while the fourth splices together all three performances. McCartney is pushing the visuals as part of a campaign dubbed the #COTMChallenge, hashtag and all.

McCartney’s website urges fans to join the fun. “We want you to film yourself dancing to ‘Come On to Me’ and post your video to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #COTMChallenge,” reads a post on the website. McCartney’s Twitter account today also posted a poll asking people to vote on which original dancer they like the best.

The guidelines for participating in McCartney’s challenge are broad: You film yourself dancing however and wherever to the song, and that counts. As you can see in the below videos, there is no specific choreography. Elsa, Fred, and Ali just charmingly do their thing. On one hand, it’s a democratic approach to the form; on the other, we’re not really sure Paul knows how these things work, “Black Beatles” mannequin challenge aside.

McCartney previously released videos for Egypt Station tracks “Fuh You” and “Back in Brazil.” The project is his first No. 1 album since 1982. He begins a brief North American tour tonight in Quebec City. You can watch all four “Come On to Me” videos below.