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Ben Stiller’s Punk Band Shares First New Song In 36 Years

When Ben Stiller was in high school in New York City in the early ’80s, he played drums in a weirdo punk band called Capital Punishment. The Brooklyn independent label Capture Tracks recently reissued the quartet’s one and only album, Roadkill, which originally came out in 1982. And now, 36 years later, Capital Punishment are coming back with a new EP.

That EP, This Is Capital Punishment, was recorded after Captured Tracks asked the band for bonus material for this year’s reissue. They got back together to record a remake of their old track “Confusion” and ended up having so much fun doing it that they decided to get back together to record some new songs.

“It was so much fun after 30-plus years to be playing again,” says Ben Stiller in a statement. “And feeling like I actually got a tiny bit better!” This Is Capital Punishment, limited 1500 copies worldwide, will be out on Record Store Day. And today, they’ve shared the reimagining of “Confusion” that kicks the EP off. Listen to it below.

This Is Capital Punishment is out 11/23 via Captured Tracks.