A Photographic History of Anthony Kiedis and Random Celebs at Lakers Games

Anthony Kiedis With Celebrity Guests at Lakers Games Over the Years
Anthony Kiedis and Donnie Wahlberg at 2008 NBA Finals

At the 2010 NBA Playoffs, Kiedis concentrated very hard on the game in front of him and not David Beckham and Adam Levine next to him.

Anthony Kiedis with David Beckham and Adam Levine at 2010 NBA Playoffs

Jonah Hill got more attention from Kiedis at a game in 2009, though his bored date did not.

Anthony Kiedis and Jonah Hill at Lakers Game 2009

For some reason, The Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart took in a game with Kiedis at the NBA Finals in 2010. Perhaps they discussed the work Eckhart did with his old college chum Neil LeBute?

Anthony Kiedis and Aaron Eckhardt at NBA Finals 2010

Finally, behold this Where’s Waldo-esque image from a 2009 playoff game in which Rob Schneider got better seats than Kiedis. Of course, Schneider was there with Adam Sandler, but still.

Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler Have Better Seats Than Anthony Kiedis 2009 NBA Playoffs


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