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Watch Amanda Palmer and Jasmine Power’s Powerful New Video for “Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now”

Amanda Palmer and Jasmine Power have released a powerful new video for their collaborative single “Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now.” Directed and choreographed by Noémie Lafrance, the video depicts a series of women posing in a bright, well-lit room in white Oxford shirts while singing along to the anthemic song.

“We rented the space from an Episcopalian church—which felt poetic to me, having been raised as a little choir girl in that lineage,” Palmer shared in a statement. “We were worried for a minute that the minister—who was a woman—was about to shut down the production, because she was looking at our outdoor warmup from across the street and looking concerned. Then she came over to the set, watched what we were filming, and asked if we would please come back to screen the finished video for all the women of her congregation. Women are rising up, everywhere. Change is happening at every level.”

Power also shared some words:

“As we directed the chorus members through our song chorus, I felt this overwhelming emotion come over me as I gazed into the eyes of each and every woman singing along. There were moments while watching the monitors where I felt shudders of pain and sparks of excitement run through my entire body. The day felt powerful, dark, fearless and then light when I would respond to a grateful smile of another woman on set, as she would say, ‘Thanks you for writing this.’ I hope my children will watch this video one day and be relieved that times have changed.”

The video was released on the one-year anniversary of Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey’s New York Times investigation into the numerous allegations of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault made against movie producer Harvey Weinstein. The producer was indicted on three felony sex crime charges this summer including two with a potential maximum sentence of life in prison. He has pled not guilty. All proceeds from the track’s sales on Bandcamp will go to the Time’s Up Now legal defense fund.

Watch the video below.