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Trump Flubs "Anonymous" Twice at Montana Rally

At a rally in Montana Thursday night, Donald Trump took aim at an anonymous administration official who wrote a New York Times op-ed—or at least he tried to. Trump, predictably pissed off about a column that described him as “amoral” and an impulsive time bomb unfit for office, vented his frustrations to a sympathetic audience… except, wait what was that word again?

Anonymnush? A…mominoush? The most charitable explanation for the President’s bizarre inability to pronounce a very routine word is that his dentures slipped.

This is far from the first time Trump has slurred his words or spoken what essentially amounts to gibberish in public. In a December 2017 speech in Israel, the president inexplicably stumbled over over the phrase “God bless the United States,” which shouldn’t be a hard one to fuck up given how often politicians have to say it.

The latest example of  Trump babbling in public only bolsters the claims by Trump staffers made in reporter Bob Woodward’s new book Fear alleging that the president is highly erratic, unstable, and possibly incoherent. Possibly.