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T.I. Doesn’t Know Who “Brilliant Lady” Cynthia Nixon Is But Endorses Her Anyway

ti endorses cynthia nixon, doesn't know her

Cynthia Nixon is in the midst of a gubernatorial race in New York state as a progressive opponent to the current governor Andrew Cuomo, but before that she played Miranda Hobbes on the very popular HBO television series Sex and The City. This is a fact almost everyone knows—except for T.I., who today endorsed Nixon’s campaign despite apparently not knowing who she is.

T.I. took to twitter and shared a clip of Nixon making a case for why New York should legalize marijuana and how its criminalization is a social justice issue that has caused harm in mostly black and brown communities. T.I. was so moved by this statement that he emphatically announced his support of her by saying, “I have no idea who this brilliant lady is…But she’s invited to my next bbq/family gathering and if she’s running for anything…ANYTHING I SAY..She’s got my vote!!!”

On an old episode of the MTV series Diary, T.I. shared his love for “white sitcoms” like Friends, but he clearly never made his way to watching even one episode of Sex and The City. Equally as amusing is that it seems T.I. doesn’t know that she’s running for New York governor either, but he plans to back her anyways regardless of what she’s running for now or in the future simply because of her stance on marijuana criminalization. There is a lesson here for Democrats.